Frame Games


Our frame games are light and portable for indoor or outdoor fun. Each 7'x7' game is self supported for hours of fun.

Alien Invasion


(7' x 7')

Quarterback Toss


(7' x 7')


Mini Frame Games


Our mini frame games bring the same great fun in a smaller size. Each 5'x5' game is self supported.

Bull's Eye


(5' x 5')

Rattlesnake Roundup


(5' x 5')


Kiddie Striker


Our Kiddie Striker is always a hit! Kids will love to swing that hammer! The sound of the bell brings back the sound of the old carnival midway!


Boom Blasters


Blast Zone! Everyone loves this racing game! Be the first contestant to pump up and pop your balloon and you win! Rental includes 100 balloons.


*(please note rental would include 2 units, not 4 as pictured)


6' Table Games


Our 6' Table games are vibrant in color and a challenge for all.


Black hole is out this world! Players slide four discs from the launch pad down the ramp and try to land on any of the five planets while avoiding landing in the black hole or falling off the ramp and getting lost in space.


Gone fishing is a skee-ball game players will be hooked on. Players have four balls to roll up the ramp and into the holes to see how many fish they can catch!

Gone Fishing

Black Hole


4' Table Games


Our 4' Table games pack a lot of fun on a smaller table!

(Table skirts not available)


Tikki Toss


In Tikki Toss players try to make the tribal doctor happy by bouncing balls into the tikki cups!


Monkey Madness


Monkey Madness is the most unique pinball game around.

Players get three balls and have to try to help the monkeys catch as many balls as possible to obtain the most points.


Frog Flinger


Frog Flinger features flying frogs trying to get to the other side of the pond without getting eaten by the alligators. Using the catapult players have to fling the frogs onto the lily pad.


Tub Games


Our tub games are just the right size for some extra fun at your event!  All games are self supported, either with legs or resting on the ground.


Putt N' Win


Putt the ball up the green and in the cup for a hole in one.




Choose a color, then toss the balls on your chosen color dot on the playing board and you win!


Troll Toss


Throw the bean bags and try to knock down the trolls.


Can Smash


Throw the bean bags and try to knock all six cans off the pedestal.


Stand a Bottle


Once you have the ring around the neck the bottle, stand the bottle up using only the bottle and the pole.


Every kid loves bubbles!


Our bubble machine will keep everyone smiling as the kids chase and pop the constant flow of bubbles.


One bottle of bubble solution is included when you rent the bubble machine. Standard electrical outlet is required to



10 x 10 EZ-up Canopy Tent


Instant shade is easy with our EZ-up Canopy tent. Use our canopy with or without sidewalls. Set up in minutes and get out of the hot sun or rain!

Bringing affordable fun to your next event!

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