Q: Do I have to pick up all of the rental equipment?


A: Not at all. Jak's prides itself on great customer service. Free delivery is included for rentals over $200.00 for events within 30 miles. Our inflatables weigh several hundred pounds and can be quite large in size, and our games and concessions equipment can take a lot of room to transport. It is best for all of us that Jak's delivers your rental items right to you!




Q: I am thinking of renting an inflatable, what do I need to know about the set up?


A: The sizes of the inflatable units are listed on the inflatable page. You need an area sufficient for the size of that unit. The area you will use the inflatables should be flat and pretty level. For tall items, you should make sure there is no danger of overhead wires coming too close to the units. Jak's brings 100' extension cords. The units run on 115 volt electric service. It is recommended that each unit is plugged into outlets on separate breakers. We find this works best, and reduce the chance of blowing any fuses. If electric is not available at the site, generators are available at a rental rate of $30 per generator, for a base 4hr event. Each blower requires one generator. You may also provide your own generator(s).




Q: Does Jak's set up the equipment?


A: Yes. We bring the equipment and set it up. We do insist that with the inflatables, you have at least two adult men present to help set up and take down the units. Some of the units are very heavy and in order to keep the cost down for you, we ask you to have help available when we arrive.




Q: Does Jak's staff the equipment?


A: All of our package pricing is for rental only, without staffing. Jak's reviews all safety and operation information with the renter and requires a signature in regards to that information. Jak's will staff the inflatables if you would rather sit back and enjoy the event with your guests, for an additional fee per inflatable. All other items are rental only, and require you to have your own attendants.




Q: How do I book my event with Jak's?


A: We will send you a contract to complete. Sign it and return it with a 25% deposit. The balance will be due at the event. Currently Jak's accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Cash or Check.




Q: What is your weather policy?


A: You may contact us the morning of the event if the weather looks questionable. At that time you have the option to cancel or not. If you cancel, due to weather you will be refunded your deposit, or you also have the option to reschedule your event to another available date at no charge.




Q: What do I do if it rains during my event?


A: Inflatable units are to be shut down and folded in half during rain or if a tarp has been provided, it can be covered with a tarp. For safety reasons they should not be operated in rain. Also, it is not good for the vinyl to get wet. We try to protect our equipment as much as possible from damage. Please note that if the inflatables get excessively wet, there may be an additional cleaning fee charged after the event. Other electrical equipment such as concessions, etc. should be unplugged and moved or covered. Games should be taken out of the rain and dried if they have gotten wet to prevent damage.




Q: How small or how large of an event do I have to have to use Jak's?


A: Jak's will work with you to make your event a success. From the smallest backyard party to large city festival, call Jak's!




Q: Is Jak's insured? What about insurance?


A: Yes. Jak's is fully insured with liability insurance. However it is the responsibility of the renter to be sure the property the event will be held on has adequate liability insurance as well, or to verify if an additional rider needs to be added to their policy for the day of the event.




Q: What if I don't see a package that is just what I am looking for?


A: Build your own package! Go to the contact us page, fill in the information and we will get back to you very quickly with information on your custom Jak's event!

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